Customising Ontomasticon

Ontomasticon is a simple, lightweight ontology and glossary server written in PHP and making use of MariaDB or MySQL.

Ontomasticon is simple to customise using a mixture of CSS and PHP templates.

CSS Theming

Ontomasticon comes with minimal theming out of the box. In order to facilitate easy code upgrades the only suggested method of customising the CSS is to move the file settings/user.css.default to settings/user.css and make your required changes in this file.

PHP Templates

Various PHP templates are found in the templates folder. The supported method of user modification is to copy files you wish to change into the settings directory where edits can be made, and will remian in place during code updates. The overall page layout is provided by the core.php file. The homepage is structured by home.php, and controlled vocabulary pages by cv.php.

Fragment templates may be used multiple times on a page, and/or on multiple pages. The term-fragment.php file is used to control how individual terms are displayed.